Adidas Original Men’s Running Shoe

(18 customer reviews)

$170.00 $135.00

  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Thintech, adituff, thintech cleat, traxion, adiwear
  • Lightweight mesh and synthetic upper for enhanced breathability and comfort
  • Soft eva insole for lightweight comfort and cushioning
  • 6-spike configuration with thintech low-profile technology for improved traction and stability
  • 91 day comfort guarantee
  • Shipping Between 4-25 Days                                                                                                                       Payment Methods
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  • 10
  • 10.5
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  • 11.5
  • 6.5
  • 7
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18 reviews for Adidas Original Men’s Running Shoe

  1. Sandy

    They are both comfortable and stylish.
    I notice the amount of attention from the opposite sex while in these shoes, but that is hardly the shoes fault.

    When I was a kid, I never really connected with my mother. It is really a long story, but because of that, my love life has been in crisis.

    The first girl I asked out said that she’d love to go on a date, but she just found out she was diagnosed with cancer, and that she was moving out of the country, and that her mom wouldnt let her date outside of her religion, and that she thought that my disturbingly jutting and porous face was very unnerving.

  2. schluz

    Strangely, the popular Campus style sneaker that is currently being marketed by Adidas bears more resemblance to the Adidas sneakers which are marketed as the Gazelle style – and those in my opinion lack quality and style. For long-time Adidas customers who have for many years purchased Campus style sneakers for their wider body, thicker sole, and rounded toe will be a disappointed by this incongruity because the 2019 Campus has more similarity to the thinner, narrower Gazelle style sneaker. However, for loyal fans looking to replace their Campus sneakers, the solution is the Adidas shoe marketed as the Grand Court brand in black suede. To illustrate the similarities between the 2001 and 2007 editions of Campus alongside a 2019 Grand Court sneaker – customers, and Adidas – should refer to the image provided with this review. As for the fit and quality of the Grand Court shoe – it’s great and meets the standards customers expect from Adidas.

  3. Mustafa J

    They Fit like a glove very comfortable shoe .very well put together very solid sole I’m looking for other colors . I would recommend these definitely for any buyer .

  4. Calaudia C

    At first I was alarmed that the fit might be too tight but you just have to break in the shoes and let the “cloudform” mould to your foot, which doesn’t happen right away. But it’s fine now.

  5. Edenstuff Customer

    First of all, follow the other reviewers’ recommendation and buy a size 0.5 bigger than usual. The sneakers look very nice but are probably too warm for the summer. Very comfy once you have worn them a few times. Got complimented twice in about a week.

  6. Jason

    Something important to know is that the shoes are slightly narrow in fit. Also, the imaging that shows the top of the shoe being all black is inaccurate. I received a pair of shoes that had white trim around the back of the shoe. Still like the look of it, but something to keep in mind. Also the pair of shoes I received had a previous owner’s gift message in the box still, so I guess it was returned before.

  7. vidalsason

    Very happy with fit as expected
    If you have a flat type of foot, this will be very soft and comfortable to walk in
    Have injured while workouts so this is very supportive
    Not necessarily shoe that breathe quite well thought.

  8. anthoni

    I love these shoes sooo much!! I’m glad I’ve bought them! I’ve always wanted these shoes when I was in 9th grade and I’ve finally had enough money to buy them myself! They feel great and very soft to walk in!

  9. Tickokcer

    Bought these because the deal was so good (just over $40) even though I didn’t really need or want new sneakers. I figured if I didn’t like them I could donate them. They end up being one of the most comfortable shoes I own. They fit as if they were custom made for my 10.5 D width feet and they look sublime and simple which is to my liking. I am not a big fan of how most Adidas fit on my feet but these were a surprise. Highly recommended Adidas.

  10. Wendy

    I bought a half a size larger because I read the reviews and took the suggestions from previous customers and got a size 11 for my husband instead of a 10.5 and he says they fit perfectly. So I would suggest doing the same if you buy these. My husband loves them. They are very sharp looking. And extremely comfortable directly out of the box. They of great quality and completely authentic. The insoles are very cushiony and there is just enough wiggle room in the toe without being too loose. He says they fit like a glove! I have only one complaint and that is all of the attention he’s been getting from other ladies is really annoying, but that’s got nothing to do with this review, I just thought it might help some guys that might want to know. Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who has questions. I am a legit customer. I wasn’t paid for my review or offered a refund or free products in order to give my review. I find those types of reviews distasteful AND dishonest & I do not trust them. I bought these with my own money as a gift for my husband.

  11. Jennah J

    I purchased this for my husband and he LOVES them. He wears them all the time and thanks me everyday for them while boasting about how comfortable they are and how much he loves they way he looks in them and how they are just like the ones his dad bought him for a birthday present many many years ago and how he has been looking for this shoe for years. He has bought one from a store but they wasnt of the same quality and he was disappointed so when I seen these I had to jump on it for him and I’m so glad I did. I will buy from this seller and buy this product again if or when I need to replace them which would probably be a long time from now judging from how well.they have held up so far. My husband is not to particularly hard on his shoes and doesn’t skate or do anything that would cause it to be damaged quickly so I can’t speak to how they would hold up if he did but to go walking and running in the woods and to chase toddlers And our dog all day, they are Holding up perfectly. The only complaint is that I have had to hear my husband say his shoes have a new car smell multiple times a day while his nose is in his shoe but that is not a complaint on the product or seller Hahahaha I also wanted to say they are not fake or counterfeit, they are legit. I would only want to purchase this product from this Seller if I need to replace them because I know the quality will be exceptional.

  12. Holly K

    I am not sure what people expect for a pretty cheap pair of sneakers that retail for a cheap amount. I think that they seem like a forty or fifty dollars pair of sneakers, but I know some have said that they do not last and break apart easily. I have only had them for a few days, but I do not think that they will just break apart. I think it really more comes down to how you use them or wear them. I would say they are more meant for casual wear than anything else. I think that it you are using them for more athletic purposes that the wear on them could make them look pretty bad quickly. I consider these sneakers for casual around town use and not for serious athletic endeavors.

  13. J Prierc

    Fine Adidas sneakers! Good price! Perfect fit! Comfy-Cozy & keeps the dogs from barking!
    Stylin’ Profilin’ in My Adidas!

    My Adidas
    Walk through concert doors
    And roam all over coliseum floors
    I stepped on stage, at Live Aid
    All the people gave an applause that paid
    And out of speakers I did speak
    I wore my sneakers but I’m not a sneak
    My Adidas cuts the sand of a foreign land
    With mic in hand I cold took command
    My Adidas and me both askin P
    We make a good team my Adidas and me
    We get around together, rhyme forever
    And we won’t be mad when worn in bad weather

  14. Catalina

    I used Adidas website for sizing looking at men’s to women’s conversion on a pair of Advantage tennis shoes for sizing reference. Adidas do run small. I’m a women’s 8.5 & Adidas conversion was a men’s 7.5. Received the men’s 7.5 today & returned them today. Unfortunately they were a smidge too small at the big toe, it felt a little smushed at the toe box. Found a better price on a half size up on EBay. Otherwise a nice light stylish leather tennis shoe. Just wanted to help anyone struggling with sizing.

  15. C . Micheal

    Estos zapatos me han encantado, realmente son muy cómodos y confortables en su interior. Además que son demasiado hermosos, los puedes usar con vestidos, faltan, pantalones y todo luce muy bien!
    Aunque este zapato es para hombre, es también confortable para las mujeres, yo me arriesgue a comprarlo y definitivamente me siento muy satisfecha con el!

  16. Lap L

    These are classic “tennis shoes” that elevate everything from jeans to khakis to… even a suit. They started off a little tight but have quickly eased around the shape of my slightly wider feet. Very pleased with my purchase and really enjoying wearing these around town. They get noticed in a good way.

  17. M. Gilmore

    The Adidas shoes are great, they fit about like a shoe should, a little snug at first but it doesn’t take long to break in, it is kind of a flat fit for those that are looking for that but it wouldn’t be hard to replace the super cushioned amazing feeling insole they provide with an arch support type. All in all I’m super happy with them, nice thick leather upper that keeps my feet a little warm.

  18. Rebecca

    Arived on time and fit to a T. My son loves them! Cool color and cushion support is amazing! He already wants another pair in different colors! Two thumbs up and 5 stars! Matireal is high quality. We will be buying more. Thank you

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